Our History

In 2012, an unlikely meeting in India between a medical student in Texas and a physician in Burkina Faso bonded over a vision that resonates within every person: That health is an essential human right. This led to the implementation of Community Health Clubs in Burkina Faso, which matured into Pull for Progress. Today there are dozens of Community Health Clubs with over ten thousand members all resulting from a grass-roots movement, illustrating the incredible unifying power of the human spirit. We now have projects in multiple areas including health, education, and disaster response. Despite our exponential growth and multitude of projects, our community-led foundation remains the same.

Our Mission

We provide sustainable humanitarian relief by developing innovative solutions to complex problems in low and middle income countries.

Our Vision

We envision every person having the freedom to access the basic human rights of health, education, and advocacy.

Our Organization Values

The values of Pull for Progress are born of the desire to respect the dignity of and seek solidarity with all peoples, regardless of race, color, gender or beliefs. Knowledge is an important component of development and is absolutely essential for the idea that resonates with every human – freedom. Freedom has many forms, all of which can be enhanced by community development. We believe community development must be based on four key and inter-related pillars: health, education, infrastructure, and advocacy. Click the tabs below for more information.

Human Rights




We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to basic human rights of health, education, and safety. Capacity building is an essential ingredient to ensure access to these basic freedoms.
We work hand-in-hand with local people who determine their own needs. Together, we develop ways we can support their vision for a better future.
Our multi-disciplinary team develops sustainable solutions to complex scenarios that allows our projects to be impactful.
Everyone should have the means to access basic necessities that would grant them the social freedoms to pursue a meaningful life.
Pull for Progress is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of creating sustainable progress in the disciplines of health, education, and social and economic development in underserved areas.
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