The Current Crisis in Burkina Faso

You feel as though the world has abandoned you – left you to die. Terrorists have destroyed your village, forcing you to flee. You are now a refugee in your own home. Basic necessities such as food, clean water, and medical care, once unreliable, are now even more scarce. Survival in Burkina Faso takes on a new meaning when extremist violence has scarred your country and your communities are destroyed, leaving a deep void that has become filled with despair...

Since 2016, political instability has allowed violence from extremist terrorist groups to spread

1.9 Million or 10% of the Burkinabe* are Refugees (Internally Displaced Persons) in Their Own Country
*Term for people from Burkina Faso
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Burkina Faso has one of the highest proportions of internally displaced persons in the world.

*Map Source:

The Humanitarian Situation is Critical*

0 Million People
Face Food Insecurity
0 Children
Are Severely Malnourished
0 Schools
Are Non-functional
0 Health Centers
Are Non-functional
*Numbers from OCHA Country Offices;

Only 38% Needed Humanitarian Dollars were received in 2022 >Meaning there was a gap of $500,000,000

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Those living in Burkina Faso are constantly exposed to violence, destruction of their communities, sexual exploitation, and intimidation.

Many of their villages have been burnt down, making it impossible for them to return to, destroying their social security.
Harvests have decreased by over 50%, crippling the economy and further contributing to a malnutrition crisis.*
51.6% of females were married off as children**
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Political unrest, violence, military coups, unprecedented food insecurity are all leading factors in the crisis in Burkina Faso.

The last military coup occurred in September 2022, and there is still high violence and unrest. Even as recently as April 2023, 136 people, including infants, were killed in a village massacre.

Access to clean water and food is an ongoing problem. Over 90% of Burkinabes rely on agriculture, which means they are particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis. Other major issues include sexual exploitation, violence, and political unrest.

There are 1.9 million “refugees” in Burkina Faso.

No, technically an internally displaced person has been forced to leave their homes, and are seeking refuge in that same country. Refugees have been forced to leave their country and are seeking refuge in another country.

Yes, particularly in the villages.

Provide financial support for organizations, such as Pull for Progress, who are on the ground providing relief and sustainable development support for the Burkinabe. Also, we encourage you to share about the crisis with others since many do not know about it.

Pull for Progress projects fall under one or more of our core pillars: health, education, infrastructure, and advocacy. Please visit our Project page to learn more.

We work directly with citizens of Burkina Faso and also partner with trusted organizations. We believe that communities have the best answers to what they need to move forward. By working with trusted partners, we are stronger.

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