Burkina Faso is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

But you can provide relief today through sustainable projects.

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Our proven community-driven approach is built on four main pillars


Access to essential healthcare is imperative for individuals to thrive in other aspects of their life. We identify and address emerging issues, create a response plan, and implement the solutions in an approachable way.


Education, and especially literacy, grant the capacity to not only identify needs and goals, but also the capability to pursue solutions. We work to overcome barriers preventing high achieving girls from continuing their education and provide resources to see them through to graduation.


Sustainable development requires capacity building in order to be effective long term. We strive to create systems and networks that will sustain and support our projects for the long term.


Society cannot implement change without the support throughout all levels of governance. We work with everyone from the village elders and religious leaders to federal government officials to ensure a united front on the implementation of our projects and message.
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Over 1.9 Million People in Burkina Faso are Refugees in Their Own Country

Since 2016, political instability has allowed violence from extremist terrorist groups to spread, damaging the already fragile social systems in the country.

Due to the rise in extremist groups, people are constantly exposed to violence, destruction of their communities, sexual exploitation, and intimidation.
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We believe everyone deserves access to healthcare, education, clean water, nutritious food, and a safe home.

You can help refugees and internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso today!

*With sponsors covering our minimal overhead costs, you can rest assured that one hundred percent of donations directly support projects dedicated to alleviating suffering of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Our Organization Values

The following four values guide us in determining how, when, and where to address humanitarian crises and develop community projects.

Human Rights




We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to basic human rights of health, education, and safety. Capacity building is an essential ingredient to ensure access to these basic freedoms.
We work hand-in-hand with local people who determine their own needs. Together, we develop ways we can support their vision for a better future.
Our multi-disciplinary team develops sustainable solutions to complex scenarios that allows our projects to be impactful.
Everyone should have the means to access basic necessities that would grant them the social freedoms to pursue a meaningful life.

Our Impact in Burkina Faso

Here is what the generosity of donors like you has made possible. We can't thank you enough for making a difference in thousands of lives.
facilitators in Community Health Clubs
completed the Hygiene & Sanitation curriculum
free consultations in 5 years including specialist care and life-saving surgeries
Stop the Bleed instructors trained
civilians trained in Stop the Bleed
free health screenings performed
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Stories of Impact

May 8, 2023
Ouedradgo Mariata's Story

Ouedradgo Mariata is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) residing in an informal IDP camp on the outskirts of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Before Pull for Progress arrived, there was little to...

May 4, 2023
Tougma Biba's Story

Tougma Biba is a Pull for Progress Nurse at the Domestic Violence Clinic in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This is the only public clinic of its kind in Ouagadougou, and the...

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