Christine Sanon's Story

May 4, 2023

Christine Sanon is a Pull for Progress Nurse in Bobo, Burkina Faso working at the Center for Homeless Children. She has worked at the clinic for over three years and is one of six Pull for Progress nurses there. The clinic provides holistic care for the children, including education, social workers, and health care. The children, primarily boys, in her care are some of the most vulnerable to being used by extremists, so her work is important not just for the children individually, but also for society at large. Christine works hard to ensure the children entering the clinic have their existing conditions treated and that, while they are under her care, they are receiving proper nutrition, education, and the therapy they need. For Christine, working with Pull for Progress has meant a steady job and guaranteed income, and she enjoys working with these young children and having a meaningful impact on their lives.

Pull for Progress is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of creating sustainable progress in the disciplines of health, education, and social and economic development in underserved areas.
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